Texture project. Not my model.

Finished this Texturing project. My first experience with substance.

This is really cool Crispy! Great job :slight_smile: so all in all how do you like substance?

Looks really good, nice lighting - Is that rendered with eevee or cycles?

Great work Crispy - love the detail Thumbsup - What substance app did u use? 

Thanks guys. Substance Painter is the app. Over all I really like it although right now I don’t see it being in my regular workflow, but For advanced baked texture there is no comparison.

@silverstirling It is rendered in Iray. Which is Substance painter’s internal render engine. It is a terrible engine though.

Finished with my Substance Painter learning for now. Back to blender for me!

Super sick man. Reminds me of the Diablo 2 boss Duriel haha. Great job texturing