Table, Cereal Bowl, Pasta Bowl, and Spoon!!

More to come soon. 

I like how you specifically designated what kind of bowls these are :stuck_out_tongue: Nicely done! You making a whole table scene or?

yeah, making some model assets, I thought I would display them on a table.

Added plates and glass material.

Couch added!!

WOW! Coming along very nicely!

Wine anyone?

I’ll have one! :stuck_out_tongue:

More assets added to the scene.

We talking apples over here!!!

LOL! that made me laugh out loud for real. So gangsta

Taking a closer look at the shader editor, chipped paint material.

Hey ed, I typed a reply on the chatroom but I’m afraid it might get lost before you see it so I’m gonna leave it here as well:

"I would also recommend keeping the chipped paint in closer areas rather than spread out like that. Normally paint gets chipped away due to humidity, water finds its way through the wall and begins “eating” the paint away. First you get mold, then you get chipped walls.

but if you are going for the old house kinda look then usually you would find areas where everything is normal and then some other areas where the pain is chipped away

Like this photo for example. notice where the wall is chipped is also where the wall is moldy and that’s why paint falls off. that happens on certain parts of the wall because that’s where water can gather, you wouldn’t see this spread out like little islands all over the wall

Unless you are going for something different in which case ignore what I said"

That’s my two cents based off on the advice you got from Gral.
Other than that I really like how it’s all coming together with your scene, it looks lovely!

Nice Ed! Coming along great

I went back to up my pillow game. LOL

Something like this, 

Yeah more like this.
What was weird about it before was that all walls had about the same number of randomly shaped and sized chipped paint on the entire wall area.
Think about it more like randomly shaped and sized chipped paint over a certain area of each wall :slight_smile:

Magic Texture with a bump node added for the couch texture.

This has come a long way!!! I fix the previous render, the table was floating.