SVG Export`

Hi. Is there a way to export SVG in 2.8?

It seems this would be the way to do it. However it’s not showing up for me and my version of 2.8. Try it for yourself and see

SVG import and export is an add-on with Blender, but it’s one that comes bundled.

Edit->Preferences->Add Ons->Import/Export (or search for SVG)

Once that add on is activated, you should be able to import and export SVGs.


That’s weird… I’m not seeing it either. It was in the properties panel in 2.7x if I remember, but I don’t see it there now in 2.8



I’m new to Blender and am finding it a real challenge to learn. I’m even having trouble getting around on this web site, but thanks for the responses. I found an updated .py file that fixes the problem. I tried it out and it works great in 2.8.

To be able to design 3D objects in Blender and import them into Illustrator as scalable vectors opens up lots of exciting possibilities.


We can all help you out my friend :slight_smile: By the way if you are having trouble learning Blender, do you have the 2.8 course? That would help you out most likely

Yes, I have the course Alex, thank you.