Sun light Floating island blender 2.8

Hi Alex,

I’m following your course on Udemy. And I have modelled the floating island scene. But I have an issue with the lighting. I modified the light to the sun settings but my scene is much too bright. What is the position and angle in your scene settings? Perhaps I’m pointing the light to directly on my scene? Or did the rendering of the lighting changed since Blender 2.8 officially released? I added my scene It is not finished yet so it is a simpler version.

In 2.80 there are some differences in lighting between Cycles and Eevee! Mostly about the the intensity. You can tweek the power of the (sun) light.
Don’t forget that the world environment (blue sky), also cast light. So you can also tweak the power output there.

I believe in Blender 2.81 this light power problem is solved?

Hi ManiaPete,

I have downloaded Blender 2.81 and indeed that solved this issue.


Hey @sgroen! Welcome to the Blendermania family and nicely done on the floating island! Glad you were able to figure out the issue. Can’t wait to see more of your work