Such a fan I have, for practice

I love this and I love the convo on addons :slight_smile: I tend to agree, add ons should be used when it is needed, not “just because”. Of course I am a bit biased because I feel like so much about how to create is lost when it becomes so easy, it also tends to make people feel like they can cheat creatives on salary, but that’s a whole other topic.

Finished rail and chains

To make the lights, I started with the bulbs of the light, took a while but I finally figured out how to make the halogen bulb I think , there is a reflective faceted inner shield , then a smooth outer glass skin that was tricky, (also I hid the bottom lens so you could see inside) , I still gotta make the little bulb still. but I am happy with that

Update on light construction

made a cap for lens , going to make the inner bulb filament

Made a mistake and left a modifier on the body , that’s why it wasn’t smooth , fixed that and completed the bulb, now I just gotta make the brackets for it and then It can be attached to the fan.

all of these looks so clean!!!

Every now and again, I think I should pick something and just model it. What you are doing here is a clear cut, leading by example modelling entrepreneur; and it looks great!

Wow, thanks Eladd :slight_smile:

Thanks Vishnu

Bracket and swivel completed, Light is done. TIme to attach it

Attached the lights with some screws Yum

One last thing , there are 2 kinda pendant type objects at the end of the chains to pull to turn on fan and lights , one sits lower then the other which the chains I modeled are already offset , so these are the last things to model

Looking FAN-tabulous! Nice modeling there.

First Pendant is done

talking about fancy screws and bolts, this is one that i made for something im working on!

Very nicely done Gral! This is impressive to follow and see the progress

wow ! Great work man. Clean and accurate

I really enjoy seeing your methodical approach to this project gral! Just like with the pencils, you’ve really taken the time to nail each and every detail.

2nd is done , I forgot 2 things to add, so those are next, one is the emblem of the company who made the fan , the other is the little clasp in the middle of the chains , details matter lol