Subsurf Modifier

Just going to ask and see if you guys have noticed this with the Subsurf modifier. This has happened to me a couple of times now in HOP.

Create and object. Press the Ctrl+2, 3 etc to apply a subsurf to an object. Model away with it in its current form.

Then when you goto render, you notice it is lower poly?

You look at the subsurf and onscreen is say 4 but render is 2. So you don’t realise it is lower until you render it. It wasn’t so bad with yesterdays scene as I only had a few objects.

I think I need todo some testing. What I think maybe happening is. Say I press Ctrl+2. This will add a subsurf with level of 2. Then if I increase by pressing Ctrl+4, it increases the subsurf in the viewport but not the render.

I have a sneaky suspicion this is what is happening.

Just wonder if anyone else has noticed this?

Actually, just did a quick test.

Ctrl+2 is viewport and render at 2.

Ctrl+5 is viewport 5 but render at 2.

There must be a default setting somewhere. If I increase it to 5 I would want the render to change to 5 as well.

When a subsurf modifier is created the render is always gonna be 2. You can find some settings on the key map.

But there is no way to change the Render level to the same number Since the Render number is under the Modifier library and The Subdivision Set uses the object one.

I think can write a quick add-on that Changes the render level when the Subdivision Set shortcut is initiated but I am not if that would be allowed on hop.

And I really have no idea why they have not sneaked the render level onto subdivision_set, since its not an advanced option.

Btw You can make any modifier add to the object, but again cant reach the values from here.

Well, I managed to change to Source Code. This is 2.83 just used it for experimenting should work in the new versions too. And hence it’s not An Addon that Should be ok for Hop ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Okay, I learned that was the UI code so it did not change on the render.

in the recent version, Found the real place, added 4 lines of code, And now the shortcut changes the render without breaking the modifier itself.

will need to show how to do it live, so nothing gets broken.

Seems like you having fun looking into this :smiley: your welcome!

Reality is, it is just a small annoyance (only in HOP in that finally 30second to all tools down moment!)