Stylized / NPR Render (how to render)

Hi Alex, just would like to ask how to achieve the sharpness and color vividness of this clip [ ] It’s more like a non-realistic / cartoony effect with brighter colors and sharper image. Is it in the material texturing or in rendering setup? Thanks again for your time :slight_smile:

Hello Joel, I’m not Alex but i’ll try to help. I think that using simple materials like Diffuse+Glossy perhaps with a Fresnel input node will do the trick for achieving this effect, and turning the enviroment light to pure white.

yes something as simple as noted above should work. but make sure you don’t use any PBR maps or any other form of ‘‘realistic’’ image texturing. hand paint everything with simple bright colors. also a pass in a movie editing program for color vibrance was most likely done as well.

and with AO on at 0.36 and the sky just a tiny bit of light blue (as they have it)


node setup for the colors:

I love what this community is becoming!

Joel you can definitely do what the others suggested! What I would say as well is using the nodes and compositor to change the colors and sharpness of it. Another thing you can do is if you go to the scene tab and then color management and change it filmic or other options

Thanks for the help and input brother!

Yes definitely passing it through a video editing program or even blender compositing. and hmmmmm wondering why your links didn’t work. Will look into that


oh 2 of the links work, last one doesn’t here: something messed up with the /code stuff