Strike Group 12

Entry for 12th CGBoost challenge with the theme ‘Space Carrier’. Blender 2.8, rendered with Cycles 256 samples + denoising, using procedural textures only, some post-pro in GIMP. Plating and greebles are hard-modeled (self made).

First image is finished render, second one is clay render, and individual render of the Carrier in last image.

More info here:

Nicely done.

Thanks! Thumbsup

Very nice Po! Love the detail of it all and I like the atmosphere/sun thing, It gives a nice contrast! Let us know how the challenge goes!

Thanks! Well, like said in the forum in the link, it’s actually meant to be some kinda portal/gate, but also looked like a star or something being dragged along by the ship and might fit the theme better so I just left it Laughing Not sure if that will go well with the judges’ opinion though LOL…

Amazing work purbosky! Good luck with the CGBoost challenge.

Thanks, Swanny! Slight Smile