Strange behaviour when applying material to animation.

Hi all I am working my way though Alex’s excellent Udemy animation course and am trying to do my first animation without a tutorial.  

The animation part is all good, everything is working as planned, but now that I am starting to block out the animation using materials I am seeing strange behaviour.  I move the timeline to frame 1 and apply my materials, my main domino is red, with a white face (on the face closest to the black dominos).  However, when I start the animation the material “jumps” to the opposite face.  This occurs on ALL faces on the domino (top material goes to bottom of the domino, left side moves to right etc…  

I can move to frame two and set the faces correctly, but then frame 1 is inverted!  

I am using convex hull on as the collision shape, although i don’t think it will make any difference. 

Any help to explain what happening and how to fix would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to posting my first animation.

Hey silver! First of all, great job with the course :slight_smile: as for the domino, are you wanting it to have white on it? or do you want it a single solid color? I would try removing the white material and seeing if it works fine with just a single color first. Also if you want you can upload your .blend to dropbox or google drive and share the link here so I can take a look :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex - I am planning on putting an image onto one face of each domino, with the other faces red.  I started with an image, but the solid colour had the same issue.  As a side note - I have 400 objects to add an image to (each will have a different image), does that mean I need 400 different materials?  I probably should have started smaller!


If they are all going to have a true different material/texture then I’m pretty sure you would have to assign a different to each, unless there is some node magic using a random node to differentiate between each loose object.

But if some are going to have the same material as some others then you can. Shift select all the objects that will have the same material then shift select the one that has the finished material last. Press Ctrl+l and link materials. 

Also if you find later that you want to change one that has a linked material you can just click the number in the materials tab to make it a single user material.

Hey Silver! Hope mine and @flyingbanana answers help. I took a look at your .blend and yes very strange how the domino flips the opposite way. The way I fixed it is taking the domino and applying the location, rot and scale by hitting CTRL+A and then you need to reset the origin to the geometry and seems to work. As for putting a different texture or image onto each domino you don’t need separate materials actually. If you have a large image texture you can put the textures for lets say 20 dominos onto it and then in the UV mapping just map the domino to said part of the texture

Yes that worked thanks, two down 398 to go!