Steampunk Sword WIP

I remember some times ago on a weekend challenge on another forum I tried to make a steampunk-themed something, already made some gears (I forgot what I was trying to make), but did not finish it, lol…

Now it seems like a good time to atone for that Laughing just hope I can finish all the tiny bits and be able to put it on a scene on time (haven’t even thought of the proper scene yet, yay).

WOW! I like it Po. You know I used to collect swords…think I need this in my collection haha :smiley: You can finish it! You got this!

Hope you got sword license too, lol! Thanks, still need lotsa greeble here Laughing

This is really cool! I’m also going to try to make something for the Steampunk Gear challenge. No idea if I’m going to finish it lol

Thanks Ab! Would be great to see your idea too later :smiley:

Added gears, tubes, and cables/wires, will do the rivets/bolts and screws next.

As for now, back to tending to the space truck Truck

Super sick Po! Can you 3D print me it? lol

Thanks, but nope, don’t have 3D printer :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally done with those tiny bits, phew… Now onto texturing and thinking about a scene, 5 days left yay!

DUDE loving the detail on this thing! Like the wrap around the handle and all the tiny detail. Super sick!

Thanks man, still gotta finish it in around 4 days, ack!

Finished work at

Crossed Swords