Starting to animate for the first time and I had a few questions

How would you approach parenting clothing to a main body? If the clothing is distorting terribly, is it the weights? Topology? Both?
How about stylized hair? Would it have its or armature cage?
I tried also parenting the eyebrows with empty groups and such like the clothing, and the distorting is bad of course. The body seems to distort better though.
Blender also crashes quite frequently when trying to animate this project. The entire blender file has less than 200K verts. Body only having less than 9k

Sorry if the material is worse than the default, tried to make it shinier so the details would easier to see

Oh, and meant for this thread to go into a general support category, apologies if it’s wrong :sweat_smile:


Is the clothing a mesh with weights or is it a cloth sim? I would add some shapekey drivers to them too if you want to distort them a certain way. As for the hair, depends how you make the hair, whether it’s a mesh or particles?

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The weight painting helps with the clothing, the hair I’m using for the time being is just mesh made from curves.
I noticed a new frequent issue when animating though. When doing more complex movements, the joints seem to want to spin incorrectly, I tried switching modes but this doesn’t seem to help. Is there a specific mode I’ll need to assign to each bone?

Tried to guide the ankle here with extra keyframes but it’s still moving incorrectly

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