Starmap and Nebula using nodes only

Today May, 27th in the afternoon me, Purbosky and a few others started a small talk about making a background made of either stars or clouds and I showed them the following node tree scheme

I can’t remember where on the internet I first saw the node tree of a stars filled sky but decided to share it here. On the time we questioned how to improve it and get randomly colored stars. (See node tree stars image)

That’s when arcadeous figure it out (check the starfield node setup image)

Based on it and a few suggestions of mine and others purbosky created the nebula node tree scheme (Check the mat-nebula image)

Then I have combine it all and made the node tree scheme in the Nebula with colored stars background node tree image.

It all works by connecting the background node with a color ramp, then set the amount of black and the other color.

This will tell how many stars will be visible or not. After setting up the Color Ramp, connect it to a noise node, this node is the main responsible for the star field or cloud field, by either setting the noise scale high or low.

Low scale gives a cloud shape to the noise, while a high scale gives a grain like dots.

Here it is when the color ramp comes into play, by hiding and showing these grains depending on the amount of black or white, though you can replace white with another color. And arcadeous did just that, then duplicated the scheme with shift+d twice so (he / she ) end up with three more star field node scheme.

On each of these new group of nodes arcadeous changed the values of the noise scale, replaced the white color with a different one, enhanced it with an RGB Curves to make them shine more.

Shortly after arcadeous shared with us this scheme, purbosky messed with it a bit and developed the nebula scheme, by combining the clouds effect with the stars effect, and based on purbosky scheme I just increased the number of colors and attempted to simplify it

Very cool man! Thanks for sharing!

Love it! Awesome collaboration between you, @Arcadeous and @purbosky! :slight_smile: