Squirrel Retopologized

I have a sculpt that I did last week that I am retopologizing. I rendered it as a sculpt with 3 hair particle systems, a grass and weed particle system and a tree and bushes. It was a massive file, unwieldy and took 7 1/2 hours to render. So, I decided to bring the vert count down. The squirrel after the sculpting was 500,000 or so vertices. The retopology brought the Squirrel’s vertex count down to 4700.

I am showing the original scene and the Retopologized Squirrel. Does anyone see any problems in my retopology that should be addressed?

Very impressive and cool Richard. For someone who hasn’t been learning blender that long really it a fine example of you taking what you have learnt and applying it.

I will go as far to say I am jealous :wink: and use as inspiration to get off my butt and finish the tutorials I should have finished years ago.

DUDE! That is awesome! Loving the fur of the tail too! wow very nice. As for the topo it looks nice, maybe smooth out the waist area as its a bit tights there. Well done man!