Spot portals

Heyyy, I need to hear ur suggestions on how to make spot

spot: a character who has portals in his body transferring his body parts to other places

the question is how can I cut body parts and move it to other places with it’s on rig and alsoooo on the other side, in the main body these body parts disappear.

seams complicated but I think everything have a solution, will be happy to hear ur opinions…


Maybe you can try using boolean especially for the lower body and legs. For the hands you can try the same method but might need another ‘copy’ of the hands and placed on the ‘portal’.

For example, in this animation (at around t=2~3 s) I used two same ship objects with moving boolean/cutter object so it looks like the fighter jet teleported to the left.

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It’s so cool !!
but how u made the boolean as an animation

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Thanks! In that example I move the cutter object (animate the cutter position). In your case if you want to move/animate the body then I think you can parent the boolean/cutter object to the body (while the cutter remain static/not animated). Might be more complicated then the example btw, depends on what you are aiming for.

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thanks a lot!! gonna try and ask u if anything didn’t work

Yupyyyy it worked


Very nice! Yeah I agree with Po a boolean is probably the way to go. Can also use a mask modifier but not as affective. The only thing is I would duplicate the whole character and rig to have 2 of them for the other parts through the portals that way you have more control and not just the hand etc