Spaceship Tunnel Exploration

so… I saw this done back when I first started blending and really loved the idea… but seemed like such a big project… lol I guess it kind of is, but definitely more doable now lolol… What I am thinking of doing is adding things in the tunnel… like sci-fi buildings scattered along bottom area of tunnel… some city… some military… military ones shoot at the space ship during its flight… and have spaceship do barrel rolls to avoid… while in flight… as well as thinking of maybe every 1,000 frames or something it flying through a warp that changes the texture of the tunnel maybe… cuz im trying to take what i saw back then to next level… still wanting to upgrade my spaceship cuz well its sad… but wanted to do something rough to get going on building the custom rig for the camera… cuz this is a camera that is parented to a plane… and then spaceship parented to plane too… just out in front of camera… then a curve modifier on the plane… so it goes along the giant hand drawn curve tunnel i made… and then spotlight parented to the spaceship that i animated the movement that is not constantly the same back n forth… has alternative animation path goes to as well… all in all this is 9,000 frame animation @ 30fps… BUT… just rendering smaller segments at lower resolution to test things cuz well I’m learning from my tedious mistakes… lolol…

Gliving off an old school segacd sewer shark vibe. Coolbeans

The first things that popped up in my mind were: N2O (PlayStation 1), Eon (Greg Bear), and Rama (Arthur C. Clarke). Furthermore you wouldn’t design the whole tunnel, but use the principles of an infinite runner game, or in your scenario an infinite tunnel. Not to difficult to create in either Unity or Unreal. You could also try UPBGE (, but I don’t know anything about it.

lol N2o… i used to play that so much… Playstation 1 days… lol… ?

Was just checking out that UPBGE… thats interesting stuff… I downloaded it… have to wait till few things finish to fully check out but I read all the site and some of the documentation… interesting concept cuz texture nodes was a thing as it was… then visual scripting was a thing I was avoiding… learned programming long ago so its weird for me to do visual scripting… but then I had to learn texture nodes… and then now geometry nodes… and then now visual scripting is coming back at me but with python and inside blender… which i’ve dabbled in python in blender a bit… but iunno this def got me thinking