Space Rover WIP

Going for a mostly fictional large military vehicle route here instead of a more realistic explorer type, lol. Wanted to put a large dish array at first but thought about making it not like Earth present vehicle so went with the triangular dome array. First image is 2D isometric concept made with Inkscape, last two are blocking out the main shapes in Blender.

You always seem to be able to come up with some great ideas.

Not sure about ‘always’, you should have seen me scrapped like 5 different ideas and still couldn’t come up with a good one on another challenge once, lol…

True. For all we know you tossed out 20 other ideas or merged them for this one. Still…between you and Arc. You both seem to come up with ideas and implement them well.

Starting detailing …

That is some awesome modeling and work there man! Kinda like this base material too haha

Thanks, the material is just a matcap btw, though yeah hope can translate that good to the render later… still got lotsa greebling ahead Laughing

Due to drive problem, sadly I lost the file and had to restart over from scratch. I’m going for a much simpler geometry this time around instead of a more complex one like the previous and stay closer to the concept. Also been thinking of featuring this as toy instead of a realistic life-sized one to simplify matters, but let’s see if I can still add more details later.

You and your space potatoes…


Done detailing plating for the right part of the vehicle only, and it’s already feels like forever, lol… still need to do the left part and the antennae/radar array details.

Space potato! Man one of these days you gotta make a potato…my birthday is coming up… hint hint. lol! Great work man!

Thanks! Though unfortunately this vehicle is not for transporting potatoes lol… but let’s see if I can drop a potato from orbit on your birthday :stuck_out_tongue:

Done with the left side vehicle plating, now onto the radar array platform.

Greebling away.


Plating and details complete, hurray! Going for the textures and environment/scene next, might add more details if needed.

wow nice detailing there Po! As always haha. Love it. You should do one MASSIVE scene with all your models in it :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Got around a week to finish this, yey. Not sure about placing all in one scene though, my comp might start coughing and wheezing… LOL

Nice one Po, you’re building an army of space vehicles and and space ships… Hold on… Are you planning an invasion? Did you discover a planet made of potatoes? lol