Space Fleet

WIP for Clint Jones’ Endless Engines challenge. Blocking out animation, using assets from previous works (planet from NASA and fighter jet is a mash up of 2 different models) so mostly just placeholders for now and will be replaced with newer ones (though since it looks good this could be a contingency plan if anything fails, lol). Feedbacks welcome.

To do :

  • tweak animation, give some anim on the jet before accelerating on end

  • replace models with newly made assets, preferably with similar silhouettes/main shapes

  • play more on the big/background ships’ scale and details so it looks bigger

  • add text/subtitles for a bit of story

  • use sphere for planet with slight rotating anim (currently a textured plane slowly moving to the left), also a bit more dynamic star bg

  • add other jets flying/zooming around and maybe a space station in the background

Done modeling the big ships in the background, probably more detailed than the main vehicle/jet itself, lol. Still left some parts not too detailed/finished since it won’t be seen much in the anim (though will probably come back to and polish it later after entry is done as personal project).

I would assume that you didn’t place all the little pieces by yourself (unless you were pretty bored when you did), you used any add-on to achieve that ?

Actually, I did place them manually (no add-on), and it’s fun ?

Though it’s not like I made a new one every time, just made a random shape, then duplicate it along with scaling, rotating, array etc. maybe deleting or adding some bits.

Dude x) Congrats, it’s well made, at least. But I think I’ll search for an add-on if I ever need to do that x)

Animation update : replaced bg ships with new models, blockouts for the main focal vehicles a.k.a the fighter jets, added other jets swooshing around, and also subtitle text for some story. Hope it’s not too fast, thinking of another more serious lines btw.

Will replace the ship at the most backward (cropped at the left) with a carrier or space station to show where the jets are launched from (definitely not directly flown from the planet!). Also thinking of adding some kind of structures on the planet, maybe a ring structure … or maybe replace the whole planet with gigantic space station/structure? Hmmmm.

That’s awesome man! haha love the update. I like the text too and I like that it’s not really serious, makes it funny. The text is a bit fast though. Had to pause / rewatch several times. Otherwise super cool!

Thanks for the feedback! That’s actually the main reason, so you have to rewatch it over and over, lol … Ok, seriously that’s what I’m afraid of too, there’s only so much can be shown since only given a 5 sec template.

Other choices would be to make only 2 lines/sentences instead of 3 with more screen time, or just remove them as it’s not too essential (and make a Director’s Cut version, lol).

Done with the fighter jets, I think … because somehow I forgot to prepare some parts as moveable/animatable, lol. Oh well, just gonna keep them static for now, and might just animate some lights/effects on it later. Same as previous ships, some areas are not too detailed as it won’t be seen much in the animation.

Super sick man! Love it. And love that you are doing an animation!

Update on the animation, replaced the jet models with the new one, changed the subtitle text with a brief info/status as it felt too fast/much to be crammed into just <5 sec, also playing with some lasers… kachoom! Now to tend to the textures and some more effects.

Looking pretty awesome there, can’t wait to see all glory of the final.

Replaced all models with the textured ones, changed the info/text, added some effects. Still need to add some more few elements and then one last draft before final rendering. One week left, yay.

Very cool man! Great progress!

Added space station in the background and some effect on the jet wing, I think that is all, this will be last draft before final render with better/higher samples.

It the potato wars…“may the peeler be with you”!

Finally finished and submitted last weekend, here’s the summary/breakdown of the process (including the finished/submitted version).

More details can also be seen on ArtStation :

Thanks for the feedbacks and hope you enjoy it !

Very nicely done Po! Great final result man. Cool to see the progress of it all!