Something About her (Life of a Mannequin)

I just finished this movie for Alex’s course on Characters and Animation. This was a whole lot of fun to do. The lectures were extremely well done!

I hope you enjoy this little movie. Oh, and Alex, I hope you don’t mind but instead of using the music you offered (which is really nice and sounds great), I wrote one myself and used it.

Here is “Something About Her - Life of a Mannequin”

DUDE this is AMAZING! Awesome work Richard! And you made the song too? Too cool. BTW I like the crumpled up piece of paper at the end! Was gonna add that to the animation but had already taken too much time haha. Nice touch with the cork board and like the credits at the end. Thanks for the kind words! Made me smile the whole thing! Well done my friend! Proud of ya!

This is amazing Richard. If this is what I am looking forward to creating then I better get my A into G and get on with the course.

Thanks Alex. It was a fun lecture series and I learned a lot!


Thankyou for the nice comments. I am positive you will do a great job on this course. Keep up the work and enjoy the ride. It is a whole lot of fun.

Excellent work Richard! I’m about to start the caterpillar section so I’m catching up lol.