Some Sci-fi Stuffs

Designs for an ongoing contest on ArtStation, here is concept for a sci-fi gun, made with Inkscape. Still need to do two more different items, an extractor/container unit and a portable detector/scanner.

Background story and progress can be followed on here:

Sweet gun Po! Can’t wait to see this come to fruition in 3D! :slight_smile:

Nice. Very flushed out concept.

Thanks, me too, have to complete another two before I can touch Blender though, lol! That, and also still need to do a flying futuristic city… Grinning

Thanks, I hope you meant ‘fleshed out’ though Laughing Sometimes I feel like I’m doing too much detailing in the concept rather than start doing block out in 3D, lol…

Take it any way you like lol. Flesh eventually gets flushed anyway.

Concept for second item, a portable extractor or harvester unit to gather alien substance from the surrounding air, plus a brief instruction pamphlet on the last image.

For story and progress see here:

You design briefs are very detailed with your end goal clearly insight. Its great to see your workflow and your end result.

Sci Fi stuffs indeed! Very nice Po. Like eladd said, very detailed and sweet!

Thanks! Some things might still get changed as I start to get to the 3d modeling. This concept phase, esp. the second item can be made shorter if I made silhouettes first rather than jumped right away to more detailed looks, spent too much time in it, lol, but yeah, mistakes learnt, and now to catch up with dem schedules.

Thanks, though I admit this second item doesn’t seem too inspiring, despite many iterations, lol. Been finishing the third one and then gonna Blender away!

Third/last item concept, portable detector/scanner, which some of the functions support the other previous two items. With all the concepts finally completed, now it’s time to hop to Blender!

Follow the backstory and progress here:

Progress on 3D modeling phase, more info/updates at:

This looks super sick Po! I can test it out for you :stuck_out_tongue: You ever think of 3D printing some of these?

Thanks man! Not sure about 3D print as some elements might need to be checked further for that, though have been thinking of releasing some of the models to 3D marketplace later.

Some renders for supporting the stories, not requirements for the challenge though, but still enjoyed in making them. Rendered with Cycles, except the red one with Eevee, post pro in GIMP.

More info:

Dude super cool. Pandoras Default Cube! lol. Really like the red one too. Ominous and super cool

LOL, yeah, Pandora Cubes sounds cool, maybe I should change the title to that Grinning and thanks!

Completed designs: