Some Sci-Fi Scenes

Some sci-fi themed scenes I recently made for a weekly challenge. Used new and old assets, rendered with Cycles, postpro with Gimp and DaVinci Resolve.

Enjoy !



Dang! What the heck these are awesome! Think these are the best renders you’ve put out. The glares, volumetrics and all that looks awesome. I quite like the last one. You should animate some of these. Like the last one the robot / alien coming out of the mist

Thanks! Pretty happy with the last one too, that along with the second one are one of the winners/HMs, btw, while first one is kind of generic actually, lol, didn’t feel to creative with that one. Also, a good idea with the animation :+1:

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One word, SHOWOFF!! :wink::kissing_heart:

Show off your cool scifi artworks :smile_cat:

I like the last one best. Very atmospheric!!! Z carrior very schmall in comparison.

What did you use DaVinci for specifically?

A delayed one, that is, due to site migration. :grinning:

Basically it’s a VFX software, like compositor in Blender, but has more built-in templates that’s easy to use and tweak, also much faster.