Snapping function not working


So I am going through the architecture course and I am still in the beginning, but my question is that the snapping function to snap vertices to other vertices are not working. I have the magnet enable and I am pressing the right quick keys but its not working.

I have attached my blender file for reference!

untitled.blend (1.1 MB)

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Hey Chelsea! I think the issue is that you are doing both lol. So if you have the magnet enabled, you don’t need to hold ctrl as this will disable it. If the magnet is on, snapping will be on all the time and you just need to hit G and move and it will snap. If you have the magnet off, you would hit G and then hold down ctrl as this will enable the magnet function. Basically Ctrl will enable or disable it while holding it. So here you enabled it by clicking the icon and then disabling it when holding ctrl. Just do one or the other :slight_smile:

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Yeah…its still not working

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never mind
its working now