Small Apartment Kitchen Modeling

Decided to put the tutorials away for a bit and test what I’ve learned so far. Here is a screenshot. 

Update to the small kitchen scene.

Very nice Ed! It’s coming along great and I see your skills improving :slight_smile: Are you going to texture it and everything?

Right now this is what I have as far as texturing. I haven’t figured out the texturing part just yet. I’ve only used the standard color materials. I want to be proficcient at texturing but haven’t got there.

Very cool man. You can start with a color texture + Normal map + Specular map as a standard setup

hey Alex, I changed it up a bit, I added a toaster, dishwasher, stove vent with microwave on top, and trying to add some tiles to the walls.

Looks great Ed! It’s coming along nicely :slight_smile:

I like how you didn’t forget about beveling. Most designed products like cabinets and so on are beveled in some way.

Still working on the small apartment kitchen, added some other models I’ve been working on, and changed up the cabinets a bit while playing with textures.

Dude it’s looking amazing! Keep it up, definitely want to see it finished :slight_smile:

Textures added to cabinets.

Rendered in Evee with HDR.

Looks great man! Is this more of an evening render?

Yes, instead of using lighting object in Blender. I used a world texture environment HDR I found through PolIIygon’s website that had it for free instead, early evening setting.