Skyward Living

Entry for City of the Future on last month. Cycles, post pro in Gimp, BG image from Clay render on the second image.

WIPs and progress : Floating City WIP - Works in Progress - Discourse

looks amazing man… super impressive!!!.. like I feel they belong on a brochure to sell condo’s in the city in the sky :slight_smile:

Thanks! Well, I already did some kind of that in the concept phase (can be seen in the WIPs post/forum), just need to replace the 2D concept with this image I guess, lol.

Freaking love it man! Just realized I forgot to put you in the featured images so did that!

Thanks! Just remembered I must do something or else you’ll be reminding me every second to make post of it so there you go, lol!

That looks awesome!

Thank you, and welcome to Blendermania! Nice works you have tooSlight Smile

Awesome. I looked at the layout plan. How long did this take to build?

Thank you! It took around 3 weeks I guess from concept up to final render.

Love it !