Sky Ship

Since I feel indebted to Alex for a small trick in using material node group (especially for the glowing blue parts) I’ll share this here. It’s an entry for a challenge last month with the theme ‘sky ship’, ended up in the top 10. Rendered in Cycles 512 samples + denoising, procedural textures only, decals made with Inkscape.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Clay render :


Love it man! Great concept and execution. I’ll be sharing it to the Instagram page :slight_smile:

Very nice!

I am jealous!

lol, why Shannon? :smiley:

Huge sci-fi fan and im not close to that yet :slight_smile:

Need to start some hard modeling

Well, there are still some to be fixed here, tbh, like the clouds still look kinda flat and fake, too much bloom effect on the upper rear part of the ship, etc. etc. so it’s still not perfect anyway. I’m still learning too, and still nothing compared to the grandmasters out there pokes Alex.

So lets keep learning and practicing! :smiley: