Sky Palace - Eternal Ascent Challenge


Entry for pwnisher “Eternal Ascent” community challenge on February (3x looped). Character model from Sketchfab (un-rigged); bg image from Unsplash; palace and floating structures from past works; stairs and pillars are newly made. Modeled and animated in Blender, rendered with Cycles, postpro with DaVinci Resolve.

Behind the scene :

Wasn’t really sure about taking part in this challenge at first due to the presence of my not-so-favourite subject : character. I attempted to tackle the character model first - mainly weight painting and rigging - instead of doing overall blockout of the scene, because if it fails, then everything fails (for me). Had to take some shorcuts instead of doing them properly (even then, it was hell…), considering the character only took up small portion of the scene.

Had some setbacks due to being sick around mid-month, and at some point even thought of just abandon this. Gotta make some compromises to help alleviate the burdens and keep me motivated to keep working, glad that I could finally finish it. Not getting anything (except for experience, yes), but avoiding Pit of Despair (popular term in the challenge for getting disqualified due to not fulfilling technical requirements) is already rewarding enough, as you can only knew once all legitimate renders are posted around 3 weeks after challenge ended, lol.

Music : “Ice and Snow” and “Black Knight” by Rafael Krux (

Here it is on the montage of all renders (around t = 35.38 s) :

Hope you enjoy it !


Very nicely done Po! I like it and it’s definitely in your style! Congrats on talking character animation too man!


Thanks! And yeah, I’m think I’m done with character animation … lmao, kidding! :laughing:


So jealous just because you finished!! :wink:

I got as far as making someterrain around the stairs and a castle…then never went back…

So well done on gettting to where you did when I didnt!!


Thanks, and no worry, you’ll get them next time. Less squash and more Blender! :grinning:

I almost not finishing this myself, lol. Even then, still many things can be done better, like some parts are clipping, clearer background, etc. but I guess it’s all parts of the learning too.