Site Updates

Hey Blendermaniacs!

@gralous and I have been going over some site updates for this month and here are a couple updates and changes that we are doing:

1. We will be displaying the past WC and HOP winners on a page that can be found here: HERE

As people win we will update it to reflect those winners so you can see them here. A link will be posted on the wall as well for easy access.

2. We will no longer be having Mastermind Friday as this is something we were testing out but will be discontinued.

3. We will be adding images once again to the featured image page of the site which you can find here: HERE or at the top menu bar.

To get your image featured either win 1st place in a main contest or post in the finished projects to get a chance to be featured.

We will be updating this forum whenever we do site updates so make sure to check back here to see the newest updates!

Keep on Blending!

Can’t Find the Dislike Button For MMF news, But I like the Past Winners and Featured Images Page.