Trying to make 30 random ship designs within this September, not using any prompts though. Going with monocrhomatic workbench renders for fast delivery and can concentrate more on the design instead of having to tweak lighting etc., also will post every 3 days instead of everyday spamming. Anyway, here are the first three designs :

Ship 01 - Your standard general space fighter

Ship 02 - A blocky cargo hauler

Ship 03 - Fancy space baloon, so wow, much creative!

For a moment there I didn’t read the “p” in “Shiptember” and thought “yes, indeed it is!” LOL
They all look great, also good decision to keep the same workbench render and have them all rendered the same so the design looks clear and is the only difference between them, makes them more readable!
And very considerate to post 3 of them every 3 days instead of spamming and burying every other post!
Excellent work Po!

Glad you didn’t miss the ‘p’ then, lol! Thanks, posting just every few days actually will also be easier for me should I miss a day as it won’t be too noticeable compared to posting everyday ?

First thing I noticed was the “P”. Then next thought, “is that really a thing or has the Potato been pulled over our eyes!”

Either way, great excuse for lots of spaceships!

All made from 100% fresh potatoes! ?

It started when doing March of Robots then I thought of why not make daily ships, then looked for a month that have word sounded like ‘ship’ (like ‘Inktober’ in October) which is September. When it’s already September I almost forgot, lol (and late by a day, actually).

~ Day 4/5/6

Ship 04 - delta wing plus plating

Ship 05 - was dealing with wrench and other tools before making this…

Ship 06 - another triangular design and trying out another plating effect

I love the space-wrench-ship and the space-dorito-ship!

You’re in luck then, for I’m currently also making another wrench-inspired ship, though for another challenge, lol.

what is it the “Space Plumbers Wars” contest?

It’s Mario vs Luigi - Galactic Edition

~ Day 7/8/9

Ship 07 - rotary container carrier

Ship 08 - a starship …

Ship 09 - … and another spaceship … Okay, I’ll just comment on some distinct features from now on instead on each ships

~ Day 10/11/12

Ship 10 - curvy design

Ship 11 - playing with hard-modeled greebles and bloated up the polycount

Ship 12 - here’s your spidey ship @alexanderkarayann

~ Day 13/14/15

Halfway through, yay!

Ship 13 - Space sausage that functions as jammer (or pod racer?)

Ship 14 - Space pancake with stacked donuts drive, experimental phase

Ship 15 - Space umbrella, kinda (‘equipped’ with combination lock)

Here is the docking station for Ship 14 :wink:

~ Day 16/17/18

Ship 16 - engines on tow

Ship 17 - heavy duty crane

Ship 18 - a ring

~ Day 19/20/21

Ship 19 - has too many engines …

Ship 20 - … too many cannons …

Ship 21 - … and even moar cannons !

~ Day 22/23/24

Ship 22 - missile frigate, yay

Ship 23 - asymetrical design, because why not …

Ship 24 - … along with the more symmetrical counterpart

Btw, I’m ramping up production rate (currently at no. 28) as I will be busy at the few last days of the month so might not have enough time to catch up doing one a day, though will still upload/update every 3 days.

~ Day 25/26/27

Ship 25 - modular capsules tanker

Ship 26 - multi level plating for extra defense… maybe

Ship 27 - space abacus to calculate your interstellar travels

~ Day 28/29/30

Ship 28 - oh, look at what the exohunter team had found!

Ship 29 - catamaran hulls plus double conning towers

Ship 30 - a fancy flagship to end the challenge, yay

Finally done with the challenge! plays victory fanfare

Next is to do compilation of all 30 ships in one big familiy picture…