Shiptember 2022

Sneak peek for this year Shiptember (designing random spaceship). Going for a slower pace this time instead of doing it daily, so there will be less designs but with more details, want to try some new settings for the presentation too.

Last year designs : Shiptember - Finished Projects - Discourse

Is this a worldwide even or Po inspired?

Google Shiptember and get “Update on COVID-19 cases — 2 September 2022” - is that a sign?!

It’s planetwide! I once saw it on Instagram, you can search for ‘ship.tember’ there.

Here’s the first ship. The basic design is basically an outer shell/plating with exposed greebles inside (think of it as hard-surface kebab/burrito/wrap, yum!), will use this style for the rest too.

For the presentation I used Workbench render with flat color setting along with Lineart modifiers to simulate hand-drawn effect. There are some areas where the lineart doesn’t quite work well so had to do some manual clean-ups, though fortunately not too much.

Very nice po! Love how you are comparing it to food lol. You must have been hungry during this lol. Like the line art look of it too! Nice work man!

Second ship design. Onto the third/last one.

The third and Last design. Was aiming to get around 5 done this month but only completed 3 in the end. Actually was making some other unrelated designs (in terms of style) so not actually a loss.

Anyway, Shiptember for this year is finally completed, yay.

Very nicely done Po! Love the style and detail man!