Shark bait!!

Here is the shark. Usually I do more to make it a scene but he had us do the eye iris as a viewport modifier and I didn’t want to redo it as a material one, so this is a viewport version. That and I want to move on to texturing stuff so I can start the monthly contest. First ever sculpt, not the most symmetrical but not horrid. Reference image included.

Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha! I think it came out fantastic… looks like he belongs with those other sharks in that support group for sharks… “Fish are Friends Not Food”… lol… :slight_smile:


Wow . . Impressive workOk HandOk HandOk Hand

Thanks!! On to doing an animated, textured and fully rigged treasure chest. Then to make my scene for the monthly competition :slight_smile: Planning to start that by Wednesday at the latest.

Brilliant !! Flag Au NerdThumbsup

Well done Lilith, if this is your first sculpt it’s great work indeed! Only recommendation is, those lines you have shaped like ears, the ones you see on the drawing as well, are gills. Make them deeper cuts and your little Shark will look fantastic :wink:

Glad you liked! Those gills were deeper at first, then I thought they looked too deep lol. My freehand skills suck but I will get there. :slight_smile: