Share An Old Render of Yours!

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you’re all having fun Blending. Going through some old files I came across this render I did several years ago called “Post Apocalyptic Christmas”. It was for a competition and won 3rd place! Definitely a fun piece to do! Share an old render of yours down below in this thread and lets see what you got! ?

I think this was the first thing i did all by myself like a year ago when i started with blender and 3D. It was a mess… but the sensation of doing something all by yourself for the first time without following a tutorial was great.

That…was the first thing you did!? lol WOW! Pretty impressive man :smiley:

yeah but I followed a TON of tutorials before that lol

Hey still impressive :smiley:

I made this on my own. I started Blender with a lot of tutorials but now I`m doing my own thing. LOL.

haha wow you’ve come a long way :slight_smile: