Shading not realistic - can you shed any light on this for me? (pun intended!)

Hi all, I’m creating some furniture models based on some real-life pieces of furniture. There’s a type of cabinet door where the shading just doesn’t look right when I render the model. The door is essentially a flat panel with some beading/moulding on the front of the panel. I’ve created a 3D model of the panel and beading in blender, but when I render the door in a room scene, the light/shade on the beading does not look natural/correct. The beading is brightly lit near the light source in the room (window with HDRI outside), and very dark away from the light source, with a fairly pronounced step-change between the light and dark areas. I’ve included a rendered picture that shows this (door on left of picture).
For reference, the picture also shows a door (door on right of picture) that is a flat panel with no 3D model beading, but the panel has a photo of the real-life furniture door UV mapped onto it. The light and shade on this door look correct, because the mapped image texture is a photo that was taken in real-world lighting conditions.

I’ve also included a close-up of the 3D model of the beading. Note that the shape of the beading is straight and uniform, so the light/shade on the rendered beading should also be relatively uniform, as per the real-life photo image texture.

The attached rendered image was created with only 5 samples (for speediness), but I also tried a render at 50 samples to increase the detail, but this doesn’t change the beading lighting problem.

Can anyone help me to figure out how to get the 3D model of the beading to look right?

Many thanks!


Hey Andt_C!

Welcome to the Blendermania family first of all. Next if you can re-upload your pictures as they didn’t upload properly. Click the camera icon and upload them and wait for the image to be uploaded fully before hitting post. Also if you can upload your .blend as well. In the images if you can highlight the problem areas as well so I can see better what the issue is.

Hi, thanks for pointing out that the picture hadn’t uploaded!
I’ve included it in the post now ?

One thing for the lighting is are you using Evee? With Evee the lighting isn’t as realistic and for light bounces and indirect lighting you need to add light probes and bake the indirect lighting. Hit Shift+A and go to light probes and add an irradiance volume light probe. Scale it up so that it fills your scene (you can watch a quick video on Youtube on light probes if you need) Then in the render settings go to indirect lighting and bake it and it will bake the indirect lighting. Otherwise I would say use Cycles render engine which will have much more realistic lighting and light bounces etc

Because Light bounces are limited in Rendering, the object has less indirect lighting which creates the difference.

Thanks blendermania, I’ve been using Cycles rendering…

Hi Light, is there anyway to increase the amount of indirect light in a scene when rendering…? I could add some light sources but they’d create extra shadows from different angles than the main source of light (window)…?


You can disable cast Shadow and it seems I pointed to the wrong place

Thanks Light, I’ll check it out??