Series Of Animations

Hello Blendermania3d FAM Alex told me to try posting this in the forums so here it goes. I am creating a few animations and would like to collab with people if they are looking for something to work on. The First Animation is a 3 min action Teaser. The idea of this animation is to present 4 characters for a animated/comic/manga universe that i have been spending the better part of the last 5 to 6 years working on. The story is about 4 kids who fundamentally change history when they showed the world that no only super human abilities were possible but 4 kids from around the world each wielding a special ability. This animation is a 6 part mini series that will set up a larger universe so any people with Original Characters and stories can collab in a huge populated universe. Think INDIE Creation Meets the MARVEL UNIVERSE. Stories matter but connection does too. If its not apparent, I’ll post the 3 min teaser on youtube and push to make full length feature film. If this sounds some what interesting then contact me. This isn’t a paying gig. I’ll be doing a lot of animation whether its key framing or cleaning up kinect MOCAP DATA