Selecting and moving multiple faces on their own normal axis.

Sooooo, after that last “Ruins” topic from the “Hour of Power,” I figured I’d practice with Arrays and creating brick patterns with just a cube and bezier curve. I created a couple of towers bridged by a wall with a walkway.

I took one tower and applied all Modifiers in order to work on individual bricks (or faces).

Now, for extra realism, I wanted to “move” a random assortment of bricks outward by just a little bit just to break up the monotony. I selected a random number of outward faces. Unfortunately, even after selecting Normal Orientation coupled with Transform Pivot Point at Individual Origins, the faces would come out at semi-weird angles.

Is there a way to “move” these faces at their respective axis? Or at least, fix the axis so their normals point in the correct direction at the correct angle?

Did you try applying the scale and rotation first with CTRL+A?

Aaaaahhhh!!! I thought I did…been pressing ctrl A while in edit mode. Tried it again in object mode. That fixed it. TYSM!!!