Second Animation!

I couldn’t success making the camera follow the path…but i won’t give up ! and i also couldn’t make many holes because when i make holes and go into tab some holes were selected and some was not, i also couldn’t add the rocks either, after so many programs blenders controls are really really hard and tiring, i hope i can get used to them soon


Really well done my friend. If you need help with any of the issues, just share your .blend and I will take a look. I like the color and reflectivity of the caterpillar too!


Thank you so much ! I’m so glad I chose your course ! You really are one of a kind teacher and to be honest I would give up if it wasn’t your attention and funny well done teachings until done !, I’m okay with this one too I don’t want to waste your time, but in future if I can’t really solve my problem I will send my file to you !


Very cool! Great job!

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