Sculpting Tutorial Fish

Don’t know why I can’t see an overview of all the ‘discussions’ like Works in Progress and whatever other things are on the forum. I only get what I have posted to so I have no idea what other topics are on the forum.

So, I am posting here though it might not be the right topic or whatever the proper term is for Works in Progress.

Like is there a topic or thread or whateverthehellitscalled for the tutorials?

I am working on the fish. I seem to have more dinotopology than in the video though the settings are the same and does the draw still add geometry on top of all that or just move the vertices since there are now many there? I don’t want my computer to have problems.

This multiple reference images thing is COOL. I might try it for box modeling too.

great job so far Barbara. If you go to the forums and click any of the categories you will see all the forums in that category such as here

For the Dyntopo it should be fine like that and if the detail is set to constant and you dont change it, it will not add more but simple redistribute them :slight_smile:

Glad you are liking the multiple image view! :slight_smile:

The problem with the forums is that I had to click on the logo of this website to get to the main page and across the top there is a link to the forum. There isn’t any such link on other pages.

I got to it though. This is fun. I wasn’t sure I could do sculpting I’d tried it before in 2.79 I think and had weird problems but that was just me not knowing about different settings.

I am not even afraid to try the retopology once done sculpting the fish.

If you click the 3 little dots on the top menu you will have more items including the forums :slight_smile: And that is awesome! Glad you are liking it and excited for the retopo!

More fishy goodness. I think I messed up the fins so I will have to do them again.

Loving sculpting now.

Very well done! Coming along great

Was having problems with the side fins. I stretched the geometry too much and I was getting weird pinching and artifacts. I hope that it is fixed but it still looks weird and I am having clipping issues when I try to get close to the problem on the mesh.

Here is a picture of the poofyfin.

Why aren’t my annotations working? I tried to draw a face to help me in resizing the eyes but can’t get the annotations to work. Overlays are on so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

I dunno.

Got the annotations to work. I had to open the overlays menu and I seen that annotations was unchecked.

But now I got this sort of problem. In Orthographic mode the fish looks different than in Perspective which we’ve been sculpting in. I switched to Ortho just so I could easily draw in the mouth and I noticed how different the fish looked.

Its hard for me to sculpt in perspective too.

Baby shark! Has baby teeth.

haha loving the teeth! :smiley: As for perspective and ortho view yes they will be different as ortho takes away all perspective. I personally like to do things in perspective as thats more how it will look. If you hit 1, 3 or 7 on the numpad to go to the specific views, you can then hit 5 on the numpad to get out of ortho view

Baby shark in retopology mode. Looks odd but I think I am understanding it.

Another update. Sorry, there is no way to just update without clicking reply.

Grid fill didn’t work. Specials Menu? Retopology starting to make sense I think. Need more loop cuts though because his nose is not as covered by the mesh as I would like same with ‘eyebrows’.

Woohoo, understanding some stuff. Cool. But now I am stuck at the fin. Have to watch video again. My shark is a little different but I keep checking the loops with CNTRL R and that all seems to be working at least I get loops like I should.

I have extra grids because his face is different. I also put more loop cuts on his nose because I wasn’t happy with how the sculpt was not completely covered by the mesh. I like that shape and wanted to keep the shape.

I think that I am learning something. Tried retopo before and it was hard possibly partly me and partly the tutorial on youtube.

Here is updated pictures for anyone interested.

So, I did the fin thing and didn’t get a pole.

Wait a minute yes I did.

Very nice work! You’re doing great. And as far as the retopo it doesn’t have to be EXACTLY the same as mine :stuck_out_tongue: Yours may look a bit different and that is ok :slight_smile:

I have four poles around the fin. Is this correct? I had a six sided pole but was able to fix that.

I circled the areas on the nose that looked like the sculpt sticking out of the mesh. This might not be so but I would like to have the shape correct even if using normal maps or whatever.

And that Smooth Vertices thing. I selected the whole thing and did that and got some smoothing but also most of the top vertices had ripped.

Problem. I had the idea that the retopo looked like kid’s pajamas so I made a new file and then started trying to make the item look like pajamas.

The solidify modifier worked but I decided I wanted to make the fuscia areas thicker all around like they were sewn on. I deleted solidify modifier and then tried to extrude, got a huge mess, tried to extrude just an edge and keep getting these messes like there are extra vertices or whatever.

This won’t somehow interfere with the fish retopology?

And yes, I applied the mirror and that other thing I don’t remember what that modifier was. I applied it in the copy for the pajamas not the file I am working with for this tutorial. But since the files are the same I was worried about all that work and there might be a problem with it since it is messing up in the pajama file.