sculpting test - and confusion about covid19

This post travels together with the character I’m trying to create of blendermania, because I’m trying to study the differences between sculpting and modeling. For now, the grease pencil drawing of the topology has not been successful.The sculptor with 2.82 is very interesting, many things to study to find the many combinations.

Very nice sculpting Fran! For someone who said they don’t like to sculpt, you do quite well :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see this character animated!

What is the confusion with covid-19? lol

Whether it’s a natural virus, biochemical weapon or a 5G conspiracy I guess xD LOL

Awesome work Francesca! You are improving so fast!! Did you do the retopology with the Grease Pencil? I remember seeing some time ago there was a way to do that, or did you do it by hand?
Either way some very nice topology flow should be perfect for animation!
Where did you learn this? I wouldn’t mind a nice guide to topology flow, I’m not very comfortable with it yet.

hi @alexkarajohnn , I followed a lot of videos and still feel confused. I drew directly on the 3d model with grease pencil. very helpful. It has been 30 years to do that topology and I still don’t feel comfortable. As for the design of the topology I followed, the only video that exists in Italian Heart Eyes