Sculpting my Fish - Dicky-Mo

I am struggling to death with this fish… I shall blow him up when I am done for sure outta pure revenge for the struggle… but after hours n hours… I’ve reached this point… YAY!!!.. Just need to practice sculpting quite a lot more… but just a big slap… as to how much time i’ve spent modeling and not sculpting at all.

Project Stage = Fish Base Structure Complete

Revenge Stage = See Below…

NOOOOOOOOOO not Dicky Mo!!! lol

WHOOOOHOOOO! There we go. There’s my sushi!

Dicky-Mo now has some details… and a little color back in him after exploding into sushi… but scales will be next… and either before scales or after scales will be another fish revenge method ScreamSmiling Imp

Damn it Thanos!

Looking good!

Its looking great man! keep it up

Of Course I had to do another Fish Revenge since I went further with the fish… Fish Revenge - 2 - YouTube

This is called anti-sculpting and fish abuse… lol! Brilliant. lol funny stuff, these two tutorials fit so well together rofl