Sculpting Live Support!

After a couple of successful sessions with @Ketre
I noticed that I enjoyed helping her sculpt, so I’ve decided since I
have some free time to extend it to anyone on the site. Let me know if
you need help sculpting stuff, we’ll arrange a zoom or discord call and
look over your sculpts together :slight_smile:

Its true, you really can sculpt our future!

Sounds like another great idea. Again, sculpting is another area I want/need to do more in. Still trying to master the hardsurface side of things.

Why is there so many things to learn in Blender! it’s a love hate relationship.

Let me know if you need some help with something and maybe you can help me with hard surface modelling :smiley:


Making another post here for people to see.
Sculpting is much easier and fun than many people think, you just need to know how to work with the brushes.

I can offer you some sculpting lessons, for free obviously since I’m not a professional, and show you the ropes and share the few tips and tricks I’ve learned over these last couple of years.

I’ve done a few sculpting commissions so I’d reckon that my sculpting skills are decent enough though again, I’m no expert in the field.

We can have private lessons, just me and you over discord or zoom and I can guide you through the process, give you a sculpt over, show you examples on my screen, share learning resources etc.

Depending on your available time we can arrange up to 3-4 lessons per week for 1-3 hours although depending on how many people are interested this might change.

I can do Blender or ZBrush, it’s entirely up to you.
Contact me here or on Discord at Alexander Karayann#1690 or Instagram @alexanderkarayann

Here are some recent commissions and personal works in progress as reference.

DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT selling a course, a paid class, a paid mentorship or any other product/service, this isn’t a “Here take this free sample but then pay for more and subscribe to my mailing list so I can spam you with promotions for my products”.
Everything I know I will teach you and never ask anything in return. Actually there is only one condition: Never use your sculpting skills for NFTs they are a cancer on humanity :stuck_out_tongue:

DISCLAIMER2: This is in no way affiliated or associated with Blendermania and/or Alex Cordebard. This is just me wanting to share what I know with people who have similar interests.