Sculpt January 2021

Today is the start of Sculpt January 2021 where there are 31 daily themes to sculpt. As I wish to get better at sculpting I cant think of a better time to get involved.

List has been posted by CGBoost.

01 - Dragons Egg

02 - Freshly Baked

03 - Modular Limb

04 - Sneaking Insect

05 - Magic Gate

06 - Uncontrollable Hair

07 - Luxurious Garment

08 - Relentless Movement

09 - Pointless Tool

10 - Bad Hunter

11 - Living Vehicle

12 - Unproportional Body Builder

13 - Pillow Fort

14 - Beautiful Tune

15 - Heavy Horns

16 - Melting Armor

17 - Deep Wrinkles

18 - OUCH!

19 - Extraordinary Vegetable

20 - Large Amphibian

21 - Killer Furniture

22 - Morning Face

23 - Magic Helmet

24 - Decorative Bones

25 - King of Cuteness

26 - Cursed Treasure

27 - Dead Eyes

28 - Vicious Nature

29 - Crooked Teeth

30 - Animal Businessman

31- Tears Of Joy

Let the sculpting begin!!!

01 - Dragons Egg

Tried to give myself only an hour. Probably spent more than that (I don’t really know, I lost track of time ?). I ended up spending more time on the little dragon head as opposed to the egg but hey, it all a learning experience. I had fun trying.

Made a slight change to Egg and Ground. Does that look better?

It certainly does look better. I don’t know if its only me but for some reason this looks more like a wallnut, maybe the size of the details or something with the shading, nevertheless good job.


Went looking for an alpha texture (first time using) and one I had was for skin. I suspect I just used it too big?

Very nice man! Like this. And even if you miss a day because real life stuff like you said go for the other ones! Definitely want to see :stuck_out_tongue:

Never quite got to doing the Sculpt January but 2022 is just around the corner :wink:

Just found a tut which I did the following but also added my minor twist to it. Sculpting is fun!

Did another little sculpting tut. One from Grant Abbitt. A Gnome Wizard guy. No color, just shiny texture with HDRI.

Evee and Cycles default renders.

Did you use same light setup on both renders?