Scifi Vehicle

WIP of something vehicle-ish …

Finally remembered to upload some progress, lol, and even these are actually already rendered like months before. Anyway, done with the detailing (I think), just needs some texturing later. Hopefully will get it done within this century.

those closeup images show your attention to detail

Wouldn’t whatever particles (let’s assume some ions) emitted by that exhaust pipe damage the space-ship before hitting actual vacuum? Maybe it should move more towards the end to keep the physics realistic. Hope I make some sense here :wink:

Thanks, thinking of changing or adding just a bit more (emphasis on ‘more’ not ‘a bit’) ?

No worry, it shouts out highly compressed water instead of plasma jet. Ok, kidding, I’m thinking that the ‘burning’ phase (or whatever phase this thingymagic is) achieved by the two small cylinders on the end of the passage (1 on the images below) after the gas or whatever is accelerated etc. when passed through the series of plates (2). Might need to add some thingies near (1) to better show that.

With that, hereby I conclude the Fake Enginology 101 class for this afternoon. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

A Casimir vacuum gravity propulsion drive :slight_smile: Me liking that a lot, and there’s nothing fake about that technology, because it does work. Oh wait… those plates would have to be mightily close to each other though. Okay, let’s stick to alien tech that we don’t understand as yet hahaha… Already happy that it doesn’t have wings :wink: