Scifi Props

WIP some scifi props, based on concepts from other artists. Currently doing retopo, uv mapping and texturing.

More progress can be seen here :

Update on textures (matcap views) and jumbled wireframes retopo for the first prop.

Man Po, I’m always impressed with your hard-surface models and these are no exception. Great work!

Thanks, might wonky on a certain level tho lol, still learning about good topology.

Update on decals and retopo on the second props.

Great work! love the details.

Ahhh Hi tech nuke , I like it ?

Done with retopo on the third props, feels like forever. Now onto uv unwrapping and decaling. Far from perfect, but was a good retopo workout anyway … ?

Decals for the third prop is done, now preparing all props for renders and final presentation.

So refined… like your colour palette as well. amazing…

Thank you! The colors are based on the concept by other artist so kudos to him too ?

Finished works: