Sci Fi Cannon Gun.

WIP. This is how it was suppose to look like in the HOP. But of Course, there’s still a lot of Detail I need to add in?

Building it up bit by bit. WIP. I just need to add textures and tweak a few things?

Well done CJ! Looks amazing. A potato cannon that @purbosky would be proud of!

Thanks Alex. Lol, Everything’s Potato when Po comes online!

Potato Mega-Greebler 9000! ?

Rofl… That’s a cool name a Cannon gun lol.

The end of my Creation.

Rendered in Eevee and Cycles.

Time: 1 and half hours rendered in cycles obviously lol.

This is how it was supposed to look like in the HOP Last week SAT. But just added detail and tweak some few things. And Glad that it’s finished lol.

Let me what you guys think between the 3 rendered Eevee images and 3 rendered Cycles images.

CJ this turned out great! Well done. Proud of ya

Thanks Alex!

Incoming sounds effects!

Pew pew Pew pew pew

Looking good!

It looks awesome Cj. . great work???

Thank you guys! Appreciate it.