Rubik's Cube Square Knot, Scrambled

Did this one a few weeks ago. It’s a square knot. I was thinking of if I would share any of these, but saw you’d done a tutorial on using the Draw Curves tool… well, I started this off with that tool.

One of the things I like doing with these is experimenting with the textures to get different looks. After converting this to a mesh, I added a seam and unwrapped it. In the texture, I added a brick texture into a color ramp. I set the width and height on the brick texture to the same with no overlap to get the tiling pattern. Then using the bias, I was able to narrow it down to the colors between .2 and .8 for the color stops to get the segments I needed for the scrambled Rubik’s Cube pattern.

The background is a magic texture with a color ramp tweaked to make it look like a fabric pattern.

Blender 2.8 Beta and Eevee.


[caption id=“” align=“alignnone” width=“1920”] Rubik’s Cube Squre Knot[/caption]

I’m a big fan of abstract art and really like this! Very cool :slight_smile:

One reason I like doing the abstracts is that it’s a fun way to experiment with new tools/textures in a way that creates something interesting without the pressure of it having to “look right” because you’re just playing around to see what happens :smiley: Not all my experiments work… sometimes I have to tweak something… but they all teach me something about how to make better art, composition, the tools in Blender… Something :smiley:

(Then again… I almost feel like I learn something new, even if it’s only one or two things, with every project I do. :smiley: )

Yeah that’s why I like Abstract too. Plus people see different things and it leaves it to people’s imagination which is cool :slight_smile: