Replicating NFT for FOREX Traders who are performing well

Hi Blendermania group.
I am posting my first topic.
I am having a little trouble creating the original detail (it can be different but around the same kind of look) you can see in the scorecard. Below are both versions, the original one my boss paid for and the one I have built. Most of my learning to date is from building this before I started these courses and I have learned a lot but I feel I have hit a wall and Geometry Nodes seem to be the answer. I have “Images Planes” activated and have tried that but can not get it to fade away as it moves further toward the middle of the NFT. I think you can see what I mean. I also have trouble finding the “Distance” node from earlier Blender Versions with the two vector inputs. (Image also attached) and recommendation would be appreciated!
So I need help with creating the

  • Image plane or wherever it is as circled.

  • Finding the Distance Node or applicable replacement node

  • Getting the overall shininess of the Diamond and emerald (because all I’m using is metallic and bloom doesn’t work. It lights up the text instead.

Thank you


I’m not familiar with geometry nodes (yet), but the fade out effect can be easily done with just material/shader nodes like shown below (left image is original, right with the effect) :


You might need to play with the rotation input to control the way/direction it fades away, and also slider on the color ramp to control the gradient.


Very cool Slick! I would do it as Po showed as using shader nodes would be a simpler and better way to achieve it (depending on the exact look you are trying to get) as far as the distance node you are most likely looking for the “Geometry Proximity” node which basically gives you a distance value from other geometry


Only problem is, after the nodes are built, all I see is a gold box outlining the image but no actual image. Tried adjusting the slider and rotation and still nothing. It’s the little simple things like this that confuse me. It’s something small and silly Im doing wrong

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First, you can check whether the original image is shown up as intended by plugging the ‘BSDF’ output in the Principled BSDF node directly to the ‘Surface’ input on the Material Output node.

Another simpler thing is to ensure that the plane object that hold the image is somewhere in front of the card/other object and not inside of it as it wouldn’t be visible otherwise (you can then use Shrinkwrap modifier to make it ‘glued’ on the surface of the card).

You can also send the .blend file here so we can check it (you can just send the plane with the image only without the other objects if you want).


Thank you. I think it was just a little outside of the viewport. But I found it. Three people have helped with this and I’m very appreciative. @fleetingthoughts, @blendamania and @purbosky! This is an awesome group :slight_smile: Little things like that really get to me sometimes :frowning: