Red Gameboy

Potential Red contest Entry. So many ideas were flooding the creative part of my brain. At one point they use to have Gameboys in different color while growing up.

OH MAN I LOVE THIS! Nostalgia :stuck_out_tongue: It better have the Red Pokemon game lol

Awesome. I remember when gameboy color came out. Big question is which game will you use?


Looking good. The proportion of the main body feels a little off to me. Not sure if it is or not though, could just be the angle.

I’m still tweeking it, it still needs bevels. 

I changed the style of the Gameboy, the previous was from the original and it’s starting to reflect the actual GameBoy color version.

Nice. Dimensions  look right to me there. I think the angle just made it look thin to me on the other one. Optical illusion.

Very nice Ed! Yeah I wasn’t familiar with the original so like crispy said it looked off to me haha but this Gameboy color version looks more right!

Lost GameBoy in the wild. I want to push down the gameboy close to the ground but the blades of the grass penetrates through. not sure how to fix that, any ideas? 

Very nice Ed! I would just create a vertex group and assign the grass to just the vertices around the gameboy so there are no grass particles directly under the gameboy

Added a heart on the screen.

Point Up

Looking good there Ed. I agree with Alex on vertex group or you can even weight paint the portion where you want the grass and also to save viewport quality and render processing you can paint the sections that are off camera as well so no particles get emitted there either. Also maybe toss in a little more randomness to the rotation and size of the grass and toss in some random coloring in a color ramp to get some variation to the grass coloring.

The old gaming toolRofl

Nie Ed! Coming along

Here is a render with your suggestions, vertex group and color ramp with a mixture of green and brown.

Great job man! Much better. The other thing that can help a lot is try an HDRI image for lighting :slight_smile:

Agree with boss, good lighting is the only thing missing.

I like it !