Realy old works

I created this project in 1989, using an Amiga 1000 2.5MB.
Render time 165 hours, because of the glass apple and mirrors.
Resolution was, 640x480pixels, 4096 colors.
Ray-trace software used “Sculpt-3D” (illegal version …).
The photo was back then, a screenshot using an analogue camera. And now again photographed to be able to show it here.

The last weeks I was tidying my workroom. Didn’t do much Blender work. And I came across a box with old photo’s and projects. Including this old project, from 30 years ago.

In those days I was a member of the Zwolse Computer Club (ZCC). And wrote an article about ray-tracing.

Wow, it’s amazing how much you guys did with older computers. It almost makes the work we do now feel lazy by comparison to the effort you had to put into it… What, 30 second render times! Uhg… :smiley:

Dang this is awesome to see! haha. You’re like the OG of 3D :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s amazing! I was like 12. lol