Random color on each loose parts

Hello people ! I had a question about coloring candies x) So, I have a candy jar that I want to fill with candies, with the aim to bake the normal and the ID of the candies later on a simple cylinder. I use a particle system to fill it, I give them a material that gives them a random color between 4 (see screenshots, the jar behind is the one that’ll contain the candies). Then, when I turn them into a mesh, they’re all separated, each keeping the color. But when I join them, they all pick one color, as it became only one mesh. I wanted to know if there was a way to color each loose parts of a mesh (with a limit in the number of color) or if there’s a way to keep the colors of the particles ? I prefered to ask it there and not in the particles tab, as it was more a texturing problem than particles x). Hoping I’m clear enough with my question , tho :confused:

After, maybe I’m not doing it right at all. Maybe there’s a better way to bake candies on a cylinder that I don’t know x)

Hey Ark. For this you can make it all one object and then instead of object info node, add a noise texture with UV coordinates. Then just go ahead and unwrap, go into front view –> U project from view bounds –> and then go to the UV editor and with all the islands selected, go to the pivot point at the top and select individual origins so that the islands scale on their individual origins. Then hit S .001 to scale them very small. Now each uv unwrap will be on a different part or color of the noise texture and they will each have their own color. You can then change the look of it by scaling the noise texture or moving around the color ramp stops.


Hey, thanks, it does the trick ^^ I want them stripped, but I should be able to strip them easily in SP (that’s weird said like that)