Racing Project

Been working on a side project. At this stage still early days. This the third time I have remodeled the racecar. I think I need redo it again.

This just a render with it textured from one of his photos. I am not satisfied with it just thought I’d share.

“I hope you’re plagued with dissatisfaction your whole life, that way you’ll always strive to do better.”

  • Bob Ross

“Thanks Bob, your the best”

I should elaborate. Mate of mine who is into racing, is developing a heat sensor product for racing. It provides live temperature schematics of your tires and brake disks as you race.

To me its is something I would have thought racing would have already had. Apparently there is only one other company working on something similar.

It makes use of modern cellphone and gyro technology. Show live telemetry of where car is on the track while showing heat temperatures live of the tyres and brake discs.

I am helping him create an animation to showcase the product.

Here is basic mockup of the wiring and sensors.

The idea is to have us zoom in on the car and shell fade away to the internals and then have the sensor show it reading the heat and outputting it.

Thats the plan.

Oooh cool project! Yeah weird, it sounds like something they should already have…
It’s very awesome that you’re using blender for a real world application that can potentially save lives and prevent accidents! I’m gonna keeping and eye on this project and at some point in the future I hope to see some ad or something on the TV and say “Hey I know a guy who helped bring it to life!” :smiley:

That is sweet Eladd! Very cool :slight_smile:

I know of F1 using them, they measure over a 4 or 8 strip area which if positioned correctly will cover the whole tire surface area allowing for temperature readings across the whole width of the tire. Which would indicate if one side of the tire is cooler than the other and any camber or caster changes needed to get full contact or equal temperature results.

It is called the Texense IRN8C-F1-V2 Infrared Temperature Sensor.

When I saw it in operation I thought, ‘I have seen that before’ and realised all racing games have that type of system/overlay.

I never looked into it but figured the highend racing ie F1 would potentially have it but what my mate is working on is something that should be affordable to average joe!