Quill of questions

Hello! This was probably the most challenging projects undertaken so far.

The feather went through all the process of sculpting, and retopo - this was by far the hardest part. some parts I have nailed, other parts not so much.

For the body I have used a different approach, drawing directly the patterns, then converting them into normals.

Fun fact I wasn’t able to color the red bits as intended with Quixel Mixer, so I took out the texture and colored them separately in Photoshop.

Time working on this about 40 hours T_T

Fantastic Job man ! Love the stylised look. The textures are beautiful. Your hardwork paid off

The top part seems to be decentered from the base a little bit it feels unbalanced, might try to base smaller and converting that bottom part to a simpler shape. Bloom with the particles would be nice too.

Really well done Dways! Love the look