Quicktools Addon

A wee while back I got some Blender addons called Quicktools which include QuickShape, Quickcurve, Quicktexture and Quickdeform.
Initially my progressions went well but then tools became unstable as Blender transitioned from 2.8 to 2.9 then 3.0+ so I stopped using them.
Recently I came across there videos showcasing what you can do with it which I enjoyed. Thought I would share. I really liked the end result.

The one tool I have started using more is the Quicktexture tool. I seem to struggle with good texturing. I know addons are not for everyone. They are about adding functionality and streamlining your modeling progress and workflow to be more efficient.
I still believe you need to learn the basics and fundamentals of Blender as you will not always have these addons ie say if you showing someone how to do something on there computer.

So with that. I am going to try use these more. Lets see if they do help…or is learning them going to be more of a hinderance?

The tools are created with Jama Jurabaev. He is a concept artist who used blender alot now. Blendercon and Blender Guru.

See following:

That is very cool! Will definitely look into it.

FYI these tutorials show features and how to use the tools.






Also got another tool that has been updated. I quite liked this addon. Some aspects were clunky. Always like that you had the plane with the dots so you new where you were creating the objects.

New updated interface looks much nicer so going to use this more also.